Thursday, 15 November 2012

Pray For Gaza

Large fire caused by an Israeli airstrike on a house in Tel al Hawa, Gaza City
Injured civilians are brought into al Shifa hospital during a series of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza,

This isn't about Muslims, Christians, Jews or anything else , it's about humanity. Israeli attack on Gaza has continued for 2 days.The lives of many innocent people had been killed in the attack.where are the sense of humanity that lies within the Jewish??

So far, the world's leaders seem to be backing Israel's defensive action in Gaza,but what we can do as we are far away from them? Can we only see this incident happens without feeling nothing?
Tweets from YDP MPP UMP

Our YDP also shows his sympathy towards them.
So wake up dear friends.Wake up from your sweet dreams.
Together let us pray that this upheaval ends .
UK believe that all of us wanted this to end.

"DEAR ALLAH save our brothers in Palestine.  
Protect our brothers in PALESTINE " 

 Together we stand for the right of humanity

"Safety First"